• Open Plan

    Open Plan

    Open Plan systems fluidly support diverse individual and true environments. Accommodating a multitude of needs and functions.
  • Private Offices

    Private Offices

    The private office, a corporate standard in the realm of office planning, has evolved into a flexible space to support individual privacy and technology rich collaboration.
  • Meeting Spaces

    Meeting Spaces

    Meeting spaces must support the demands of technology and creativity while also conveying the culture and brand of a company.
  • Collaborative


    Collaborative areas adapt to support varying sizes of team and individual needs.
  • Filing & Storage

    Filing & Storage

    Filing and storage products are designed to provide support to primary work and team environments.
  • Ergonomics


    Ergonomics products improve every aspect of the workplace environment.  From seating to technology integration to paper management.

A New Home

Project Profile: Allied Electronics

Allied Electronics had outgrown its distribution facility in north Fort Worth and needed a new US headquarters. GL Seaman & Company helped them create a space that would reflect the companies growing international influence but keep it’s employees accessible to each other.

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